What you can't explain


Most of the greatest ideas did not come from logical thinking.

Dear sensitive,

I'm sure you have noticed that often your thoughts and your ideas sound strange to the surrounding people. Your parents, your partner, your friends or your boss/employees have no idea what are you talking about, your great inspiration sounds like gibberish and your enthusiasm goes down the drain. Again and again.

But the fact that others don't understand your ideas doesn't mean that your ideas are rubbish, it means only what it looks like, people just don't understand your ideas.

The big question is where these ideas and inspirations are coming from?
Well it's the collective knowledge and wisdom, facts, ideas and insights from everyone, everywhere and every-when. And the reason that they come as random ideas and as flashes in your mind is because that's they way they suppose to come. If they come as words or voices they will be confused with the logical thoughts, or you will have to see a doctor.

Why do others think that your ideas are nonsense? Simply because they learned to ignore what they cannot explain. And it's not only the others, often yourself doubt and try to forget what you just thought.

What is the truth then about the value of your ideas and your inspiration and what does it mean to you and others around you?

As HSP you have direct connection to intuition and inspiration, Not that others don't have but you are more open and rather more "vulnerable" to them.

So before trying to convince everyone around about your wonderful ideas, first you have to convince yourself and before that you have to be sure that your ideas and thoughts are genuine.

How to be sure about that?

1. A real genuine inspiration is giving you only good and pleasant feelings. If with it come fears and worries then it's not real. Of course, you can have fears and worries afterwords when you realize that you have to get out of your comfort zone to make it true, but this is another story.

2. It must be original, if it's feels like wishful thinking or a result of your desires, then it's probably something made up from your mind to please you.

3. It came to you suddenly and probably after a relaxing time, sleep, meditation, sitting in a train or bus, making love (making love brings the brain to low brainwave frequencies and thus making the connection easier) and it's not a result of logical calculations.

4. If you ignore it for a while it comes back to you. The real inspirations are persistent and not forgotten when something takes your attention away.

5. It's followed by a whole sequence of thoughts and ideas for how can you bring it to reality, often with many details.

Now if you are sure that your thought and idea is real you can go out and share it, but very carefully.
-Check who is open-minded enough for accepting it. Prefer people who can listen to you even if they don't understand what you say.
-Check if it's the right moment for sharing it. A moment of stress or tension is not good.
-If you feel negativity around you, disguise it as something more acceptable. For example talk about the final result and pretend that you are trying to find ways to go there.
-Avoid the people who repeatedly reject or even make fun of you and your ideas. (The best idea is to kick this kind of people completely out of your life, no matter how close you think they are).
-If you feel that nobody is ready to hear it, just keep it to yourself, write it down and start making plans what to do with it. When you have a partial success then your idea will be more easily accepted.

Most of the greatest ideas did not come from logical thinking. Albert Einstein himself, when he couldn't solve a problem, he was going to sleep and afterwords the solution was coming to him.
So did you get the message? Your best ideas are not exactly yours, they are given to you by everyone on the universe.




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It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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