Feeling good and peaceful when you take a decision, or a kick in the stomach when you meet or you are ready to hire someone, clear thoughts and focus when you decide to follow your inner guidance, getting closer to people or situations, or keeping distance for reasons you don’t understand.

It’s a funny, irrational, not tangible way of thinking. But most of the time it leads us to the right decision, keeps us away from dangerous areas, often saves our lives.

The difference between instinct and intuition?
We all know that instinct is a prerecorded behavior, according to our species and our needs. Things like eating, protecting ourselves, sex, running away from danger etc. are part of our DNA.

But if you try to find information about intuition there are so many different and contradicting explanations. It’s like the intuition itself doesn’t want to be discovered and understood.

And of course, many people don’t believe in it because it’s “too mystical”, “too new age” and we accept only what we can hold in our hands.

The truth is that intuition is the main tool of Highly Sensitive People. And the reason for this is simple if you are open minded. HSPs brains are functioning in lower frequencies than what we call “normal people” and there is deeper connection with the vibrations of our spirit.

Intuition is purely spiritual, and you cannot explain it with words, but it can be combined with two other “tools”.

Instinct. This is an automatic combination. If a danger is coming but it’s not here yet, you have an urge to run away or hide because even though you don’t see the problem your self-preservation instinct is already activated.

Inspiration is a combination of experience, knowledge, observation, and intuition. You reason for your needs, you observe what others do and what results they have, you know what you need to do but your intuition leads you to your final decision. If you are able to listen to it.

But why sometimes we cannot see it, we cannot contact it, we have no insights from our intuition?
This is not because our intuition is not there, but because we have other things covering it.
Traditions, morality, and generally forced beliefs, ideas and ways of thinking that are planted in us during our childhood don’t allow us to “hear” our inner voice. This is where we need help, we need to remove our mind-programming and allow our mind to be free and open.

Let’s talk about it.


The purpose of this website is to support Highly Sensitive People to make their life easier and richer.

It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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