Sensitivity Manifesto or, What is my Sensitivity

book1As sensitive, I have a different way of thinking, feeling and living. I have abilities that most people don't have and a free way of thinking. That, if I have access to my sensitivity, and it's not blocked between trying to forget the abuse and trying to fit in.

This is the ideal way of a sensitive person. I don't know anyone who lives 100% this way, and it is not a "should be" instruction. In reality, it describes the tendencies that HSPs have, the way the body and mind function and the general way of thinking.

Take this text as a navigator, or GPS, to see where you are and where you want to be. See what works for you and what would you like to repair or change in order to make your life easier and better.

Please don't use it to create guilt, "should, would and could" are words that will never help you, either to feel better or to change your life.

1. I understand my sensitivity.

understand2My body, brain and senses have a completely different rhythm of functioning and this makes me understand, feel and sense everything much deeper and with many more details. My thoughts are more profound, and my intuition and inspiration are always there to support me and give me ideas.

I can understand what's behind the scene and the words, and I can see the truth where there seem to be only lies.

I am an absolutely normal person, I am different, like everyone else is. My thoughts and feelings don't scare me at all, because they are absolutely natural, even if sometimes they seem weird to people around me.

I engage 100% of myself in every situation, which means under normal conditions, I really surrender to everything I'm doing. It may seem strange, but I'm not interested in half-life, half-action or half-love. What I do, I do it fully.

I often seem to drop my sense of humor because making fun of qualities may become cynical and this is not my way. My sense of humor serves better and fully living and not making anyone smaller or stupid.

My sensitivity is very demanding because it's my nature. Asking me to drop it is like asking a lion to become vegetarian or a free thinker to suppress their opinion.

I don't understand why because of my sensitivity often I have not been understood and taken for strange, weird or even freak.
Especially in the past I have been taken for witch, crazy, heretic, stupid and often against the society, but I don't want to express ideas and opinions I don't believe in.
I also don't understand why I have been abused, and this abuse made me feel like a victim or like a poor person, my sensitivity became hypersensitivity and often complain, my life became a constant defense against everything that makes me not feeling comfortable.

I want to wake up, remember who I am and become the powerful sensitive person I really am.

Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution

2. My sensitivity is my superpower.

power1I can live a full life, much richer than most people, and this because I have abilities that most people don't have. Okay, I cannot fly or lift buses and trains, but I can understand the world around me and I can do easily what others struggle to manage.

I can feel the emotions and the thoughts of people around me, and this is okay for me. These emotions and thoughts are not about me, but I can use my gift to help and support, sometimes quietly and secretly.

I am full of ideas and solutions, when I am relaxed I have an answer about everything I want to do, no matter how complicated it is. It's part of my nature to connect to the unconscious pool of knowledge and experience and get information, and it's part of my nature to know how to separate the useful information from the rubbish.

I am a change agent, I can see the needs of this world before they even appear, and I know when the world is ready for these changes. I am the inventor, the artist, the innovator and the leader. Not the old-fashioned leader, who is full of secrets living in a crystal palace on the top of the mountain and decides who lives and who dies, but part of the world in full cooperation with everyone else. And I know very well that what I do is equally important with what others do, so I'm not more or less special.

The reason I don't feel empowered is because I don't have my sensitive self-esteem. There have been events in my life that made me hide behind my mediocrity in order to feel safe.
People didn't understand me, and my superpowers were mocked and laughed at as a child. I was often very serious when I was less than 10 years old by warning or advising people and the only thing I was getting, again and again, was being ignored and not taken seriously.
In the school, everyone thought that I was not so smart, and the reason was that I could not understand their "ready-made" sense of humor.

I feel powerless even if I know that I have superpowers

Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution

3. I have the right to be sensitive. I am not a victim


Even if I didn't have it, as I didn't have it for thousands of years, well... I'm sensitive, I was born this way and cannot change it.
And now that I know what it means, I don't want to change it.
It is in my genes, it is in my body, mind and spirit. I am sensitive because I supposed to be.
Not only because I cannot avoid it, but also because it's a gift and a power, I have the absolute right to be sensitive.

I am an equal citizen of this world and I have many things to offer. My strengths are different from most peoples' and I can help with what others don't understand.

I need the right kind of education which I didn't have up to now, I have a different rhythm of learning and a different quality. Not because I am better, but because the usual rhythm of education and learning won't work for me.

The idea that being sensitive means being a victim comes from the use of the world "sensitivity" in the past. Sensitivity means precision and profound-detailed understanding of this world. Hypersensitivity is something completely different.

For as long as I remember myself, I was always the poor one.
People were always telling me to change my sensitivity and become normal.
I don't know what is normal anymore.

I feel more hypersensitive than highly sensitive.

Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution

4. To have the right job is important for me.

work2I do not allow myself to suffer for having any job. Except of a money source, a job is also a life choice and a place where I can express myself and my personality.

It doesn't make sense to me to sacrifice myself in order to earn money. Life is important and I will express this even in something that is boring or a burden for most people.

Most important is that a job is a serious part of my life and I want to have the right one, where I can really offer and feel at home.

If I get the opportunity I can change the way jobs function. For me the usual way people see jobs and working is completely irrational.

I believe that if people take their jobs seriously the whole world will be a better place. The job hating, Monday stress, modern slavery, which is not so modern, and burnouts can disappear from this world.

For me work is not a burden, it's a life choice.

I hate my job but since I don't dare quitting I have to accept it.
All people in my environment advise me to stay where I am because things are difficult out there. But I feel that this job is slowly killing me.
I must sacrifice because I have to feed my family, or if I am alone I have to have the small "diversions", that means fun, so I can balance the terrible time of working.
The things I want to do seem to be impossible but I think I'm wasting my life.

How can I change this?

Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution

5. I am able to create a working – thriving business.

business1Creating business for me is like a child inventing a new game. It's a pleasant challenge and a way to make my life richer and more interesting.

My business is my creation and gives me joy. All the challenges that are coming in my way, bureaucracy, competition, dealing with clients-customers, providers and employees are helping me understand business better and make it stronger.

The products – services I offer to the people are valuable and I enjoy the feedback and their gratitude.

I cannot understand why many people see business as a battle field. Business is not war, it is birth, growth and care, like having a child.

The other business owners and creators are, for me, interesting powerful people who make the world better and have great products or services to offer. They are not enemies.

I find it so difficult to keep my business alive.
I find myself hiding from my obligations as business owner and all complains and criticism makes me sick.
I feel that I’m sabotaging myself and my business and I cannot even change it, it works subconsciously.

How can I become the highly sensitive successful business-person I want to be?

Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution

6. I have the ability to live addiction-free and without all the things that keep me down.

free1My sensitivity gives me enough to take care of, inside and outside of me. I can handle everything and whatever is too much I don't try to control until I learn how.

I don't need substances to hide behind, I can face reality and if it's not the way it should be I can create a new one.

I can deal with or avoid all the negative voices, anyone who tries to make me feel bad, consciously or unconsciously and be sure about my own ideas and will.

I live life as a wonderful adventures, curious how it will go on, but the same time holding it in my hands as much as possible, without becoming a control freak.

I cannot understand why I should be afraid of life and what this fear can offer to anyone.

Life is so hard and full of problems and I'm feel like a weak sensitive person in the middle of it. I need something to keep me sane.
All the time I have to solve problems and this is not enough, whatever I do is never good enough

How can I see and feel the magic and the beauty of life?


Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution

7. My relationships are expression of my sensitivity and love for truth.

relationship3I love the adventure of relationships. Being in contact or connection with someone else, I can explore and discover myself.

Living among others makes life interesting and rich.

The challenges that come up by being around people, and especially the ones very close to me, make me grow and get wiser. The difficulties are lessons and the nice moments are source of happiness.

The fact that everyone is different makes relationships more interesting and more powerful. I don't want to be with many copies of myself.

Romantic-Sexual relationships, and especially if I have a life partner, are the ones that make me complete. Not because I am incomplete without, but because the connection works like a catalyst that brings up the most interesting aspects of both of us.

I never manage to have good relationships. I attract the worse people in my life.
I see friends happy and relaxed and I always have to deal with strange people.
If it’s true that you attract what you are I must have serious problems.

How can I change the way my relationships work?


Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution

8. I have the need and the right to find always some relaxing time for myself.

relax3My ability to understand and feel so much often makes me overwhelmed and overloaded. My mind is getting full of information that doesn't suppose to stay there forever. And this information is too much sometimes.

Therefore, I often need relaxing time and relaxing environment in order to empty my brain and relax my body.

And this is not just a "general right" I have, this is a vital need that if I honor, I will be able to be happy under any conditions.

Negativity, too much energy but also stimuli like too much light or noise need to be out and to make a reset often in order to function fully. Because I always function fully and if I don't, I am not happy.

9. I am not special, I need other peoples' stability to balance my superpower.

friends3Being special is another substance for people with low self-esteem. Competition and constant judgments are "helping" all the people who have no stability in their lives.

I am who I am and don't need a label to find value in my life. I'm not special. If I'm special for some people, I hope they enjoy it. I have the right to be, even if (according to some) I'm not good enough.
And I don't need anyone to give me this right, I have it as a human being.

As a person, I need the stable energy of the other people in order to balance my speedy thoughts and feelings.

What does all this mean to me?

If you feel good, but you don't have 100% of these feelings don't worry, these thoughts are kind of the ideal and the ideal can be very boring. So, as I say in the beginning, see these paragraphs as guides for setting up your navigator. There are many more subjects that can be added to this manifesto, like spirituality, sports or competition in general, how to deal with sickness and other subjects that you can think of yourself or can be included in other articles. The story is that these attributes are about a sensitive that had a healthy and supportive growth, because, let's face it, we are so complicated and delicate (not weak) that we need extra care and up to now nobody knew what to do with us.

But you can heal whatever is not right, whatever your childhood didn't offer you, the care you didn't get and the personality you didn't become because things were not perfect.
Whatever is missing for being the super-hero that you really are, you can find it again. Just ask for help.

The negative words that you find by clicking the pictures are the situations that come up when a sensitive person grows up a way that is not supporting their attribute. Then we have neuroses, difficult life, addictions and often even worse than that.

Let's talk, find a good day and time below, and let's work on a solution


The purpose of this website is to support Highly Sensitive People to make their life easier and richer.

It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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