Sensitive World

beachwalkYou may wonder if you are sensitive and how you can benefit from  my programs.
First of all you don’t need to be extra sensitive to enjoy the benefits of coaching. After all everyone shares a degree of sensitivity.

But sensitives have certain characteristics in common. In order to see if you are one you can check this list.

  • You always like to do new things and activities,
  • You get easily bored by routine and often drop something boring,
  • You love surprises,
  • You are rather impulsive than carefully thought-driven,
  • You are often annoyed by loud noises, too much light or other extreme stimuli,
  • You often need recreation, like vacation or a short rest,
  • You like to “invent the wheel” every time, that means exploring new ways of doing things,
  • You hate clichés,
  • You get excited with whatever you do,
  • You tend to be emotional when something nice is happening, even fair play in sports,
  • You see the whole picture on everything you do and you don’t separate parts,
  • You surprise people with the originality of your thoughts (sometimes they don’t understand you and even make fun of you).


emotionsThe traditionally (not the natural) way of dealing with emotions is panic, if they are unpleasant, or trying to hold on to them, if they are pleasant. In both cases we are trying to fix the emotions instead of taking their message.

The traditional way of dealing with emotions is not the right one because this way we are trying to change or cover the emotions in order to feel fine. If we feel fear, sadness or anger, we are trying to cover it, so we can fit in the society.

Emotions in nature are tools for finding your way. Some emotions are calling for action, for example fear is calling for running away or hiding in front of danger.

In our culture fear comes often without a natural danger. The danger is in our mind. It is the fear of tomorrow, the fear of failure, the fear that we will be left alone. Although it’s not natural and it doesn’t have a direct connection to our life, it’s still a tool that helps us take the right direction.


If for example you have stress this means that there is something that you have to change on your way of thinking. Fear of the future, fear of something that may happen is not natural. It is just the fear of a fictional enemy who may or may not come. 


Another powerful emotion is anger. It always has a reason, real or fictional, but since we have to be legal or again fit to society, we are trying to suppress it. This way we have another source of stress from non accepted emotion.


So instead of trying to cover the emotions with television, food, drugs, sex, alcohol, even caffeine sometimes, so we can get out of the emotional state, or any other substance, what we need is to find out how can we change the way of dealing with them, and how to let go of all the illusions and the imaginary enemies that we are afraid of.

Connection with the emotions means connection with the higher tools we have in our hands, inspiration and intuition.

Also means connection with our great tool, our mind. As long as we can use it for planning, for solving problems and for having fun it is an incredible tool. If we use it for inventing enemies and troubles then we turn it to a curse.

The sensitives have a natural connection with emotions, but because of the way we grow up we become extremely disconnected. The fears and the stress seem more powerful on us. Something that seems fearful to others seems like a nightmare to us.

Let's find out together how you can connect with your incredible tools, your emotions, so you can be again in alignment with yourself and your life purpose.



Our intuition is one of the most important tools we have in our tool case.

Intuition is connected to the collective mind; it knows everything on this universe and offers the real solution to everything.

When we need the truth, this is where we have to look at.

Because traditions are not always our truth, they come from centuries of repeating patterns, and they don’t always represent us.

Because logic has many versions and it’s not easy to find yours.

Because advice come from subjective needs and observations.

The biggest problem though is our blind eye towards our intuition.

We try to avoid it because of all the previous reasons, traditions that don’t belong to us, logic that is not logical for us, morality and religion that doesn’t come from us.

But your intuition is your real truth, according to your own needs and maybe it’s the only way to predict your future.

The problem is, intuition is not visible by science, cannot be seen by psychologists, and we, coaches, may have an idea about our own intuition, definitely not yours.

This program is not giving advice or guiding towards some goal.

This program is a series of exercises for finding YOUR way to tell the difference between your intuition and your wishful thinking, for finding YOUR way to recognize the subtle, low, and often silent voice of your inner wisdom.

Let’s work together and find the way to access this incredible tool.

Sensitive Environment

environmentAs a “normal” person (everybody is normal and the differences between us are even more normal) very often you have to deal with sensitive people, in your family, around you, friends and relatives, in your job or your business, even in the bus or the train.

Usually you feel this sensitivity because there is something you don’t understand on their behavior. Suddenly you have to deal with subjects that up to that moment were not important for you.

Of course often sensitives can not understand you, since your mind focuses on different things. One thing about sensitives though is that they can feel you. They can understand how you feel and therefore the way you are thinking. All the sensitives had and have to deal with less sensitive so dealing with people who are different is absolutely normal for them.

Something you may not understand how it is happening and every time surprises you is that you cannot hide your emotions from your sensitive surrounding. Most of the “not so sensitive” people think that by hiding emotions and problems you will protect the people you love from getting upset or sad, or they will leave you alone until you solve the problem yourself.

But this is not happening because sensitives can feel every emotion and every vibration, depending of course on the degree of sensitivity.

If these people are aware of these emotions and vibrations, if they can understand where they are coming from, they will try to help you or silently support you.

If they are not aware, like children or oversensitive people, they will either force you to accept their help or be unpleasant to you until you solve your problem.

There are many more examples about what’s happening when you deal with sensitives. There is no recipe for solving all these issues, actually what you need to do is to understand sensitivity even if it’s not your basic characteristic. But like every person in the world you have a degree of sensitivity yourself, which you can activate to have one more common communication area.

Trying to hide from sensitives is not working, therefore it's not the solution and of course there is not just one solution.

Let's find out together how can I help you understand better your beloved sensitive people and also yourself through them. Also how to benefit from their intuitive insights, something that they will gladly share with you if they feel safe.

Sensitive Relationships

couple1Sensitive people do everything with passion; of course in relationships things couldn’t be different.

To communicate and to connect with the others is the most important in sensitive life. And it’s not just a social meeting. Relationships for sensitives are extremely important; they reflect life itself and increase life quality.

Sensitives will not allow a relationship to be meaningless. Even with people we barely know we are seeking for real connection and if we don’t find it we get disappointed.

The other people cannot understand this. In many cases they think that sensitives are overreacting, weak, insecure, stupid, giving too much and being depended from others. But it’s not like this. Sensitives know that a relationship is important, and we are not wrong.

The reason a relationship is important is because the others are our mirrors, like a part of us and through the people around us we can discover ourselves. The others are always offering a valuable feedback with every movement, every word, every look or smile. The people, who don’t understand this importance, can make sensitives feel rejected, ignored, or abused. They can make the self-esteem go very much down.

A romantic relationship is, of course, even more important. And this is not for the reason most people think. A balanced sensitive will not create a relationship for social reasons, a relationship that is based on rules and clichés. The relationship with a lover or a possible life partner has to be real, based on love, and to be additive free. As additive, I mean whatever makes a relationship less than perfect, like jealousy, demands, control or judgment.

Of course this kind of relationship is not easy to find, so what goes wrong?

It is the insecurity and the low self-esteem. This makes a potential perfect soul connection to become a typical relationship that both parts torture each other and themselves. It can make a romantic relationship to lose its real purpose, which is deep connection, and to become unnatural, full of jealousy, demands, control and fights.

What can become the heaven for a sensitive, a loving relationship that is helping self-growth, becomes a nightmare.

 relationship3Through coaching, we can uncover the real meaning of relationship, either it has to do with family, friends or, even more, romantic relationship and this way we can transform it to complete, whole, valuable and full of benefits for both sides.

With a healthy balanced romantic relationship you can get very close to happiness. You don’t have to control or be controlled, you don’t have to sacrifice or demand for sacrifices, you don’t have to feel jealous or be unfaithful and most important you don’t have to quit your life and your ideas. You can find the simple natural loving way of connecting with trust and appreciation.

Let's find out how to make your relationship a wonderful life experience, and maybe we can work together with your partner.

Sensitive Children

 sensitivechildrenAbout the same percentage as grownups, if not more, the children can be sensitive. They also have the nervous system functioning differently and reacting to stimuli in a different, faster and more intensive way.


Sensitive children do not share a common characteristic in appearance, but you can recognize them because they act differently. They tend to be demanding as babies, since they feel everything very intensively they react and ask for comfort.


As children, they need more time to connect with the environment.

For example, an average child, with an average nervous system, will walk into a room, notice the people in it and maybe the furniture, and begin to investigate and interact. On the other hand, sensitive children, with their finely tuned nervous systems, will walk into the same room and notice, not only the people and furniture, but the general mood in the room, the feelings of the individual people in it, and anything particularly unusual or noteworthy about the room. Because it will take longer for them to process all this information, they will understandably take longer to investigate or interact.


This is also the reason for shyness, hesitation or even hostility to something new. Often they feel something we don’t, and they react to this.


Some sensitive children need more time to develop. The personality doesn’t grow as fast as the others, and the age of 6 or 7 years old that they go to school is usually too early. The result of this is that they seem to be not so bright, not so smart and not feeling good in the environment. Other children can be mean to them because they think they are stupid.


Unfortunately in many countries the parents have no option because the state forces them to bring the children early to school.

Many appear to have ADD or ADHD according to their character. This is also not a sickness, it’s not a disorder, it’s just that their mind is under-challenged, and they get bored. So they cannot focus, like you cannot focus on someone who is talking for hours about…nothing.

Sensitive children have ideas that sound strange of funny about the world. They will ask the most uncommon questions, because they observe the most uncommon details. If they feel rejected or judged for this, and this is happening often in the schools, they will try to hide this ability, they will try to be “normal” so they can fit. When a sensitive child with powerful mind and nervous system tries to fit in a common way of life and thinking is like using a huge engine on a tiny car. It is going to dysfunction and maybe burnout.

How to treat sensitive children? Never try to hide them your thoughts. They understand that something is hidden. Be honest and for whatever you don’t understand ask them or accept it.

If you try to correct them you will create problems. Sensitives don’t fit in the suit of the average people. They get unhappy.

Let me support you on dealing with your sensitive child. Maybe there is also a sensitive child inside you that has not being satisfied yet and you need to accept it and make it happy.

Sensitive Education

educationIt’s a fact that the education the way it works now in most of the world is not helpful for sensitives. Memorizing and stuffing information 5-7 hours a day sitting on a chair, and afterwards going on at home for a few more hours, is not the ideal way for a sensitive person to go through their childhood.


The reason for this education system is very practical, to form citizens, as same with each other as possible, each one knowing a part of the whole, ready for producing and consuming. To leave the responsibility to the system and not to have to decide for their lives, just to follow instructions maybe for some people is all right. Not for a sensitive though.


A sensitive is a person with natural curiosity, an explorer and a person with passion for life. Well this is the natural way. If you observe something different than this, is because this person is not in alignment with the environment. And education caused a big part to this situation.


Of course with coaching we cannot travel through time, go back to your childhood and start the right way from the beginning. And even if we could this is not our purpose. All these experiences of all these years are valuable and have a lot to offer to you, and the people around you. And all this "wrong" education gave you the opportunity to learn different things and form a different personality than it would have been with a perfect education. You don’t need to throw away any of these experiences.


The meaning of the coaching in this case is to undo only the parts that are not useful, the childhood programs that are obstacles and not real tools. And to a sensitive person who, as a child, takes seriously everything he/she hears, these useless programs are easily created.


With coaching, we can rediscover and uncover the natural curiosity that is maybe suppressed, the natural passion for knowledge that is covered from the weight of the information, the natural freedom and ability of choosing what is valuable for you to learn instead of all the mass of data. Education should be just forming free, flexible and creative way of thinking and creating personalities.


Let's uncover the real you. Let’s undo together the useless parts and keep the important for your complete personality.

Sensitive Job-Career

jobOh yes this is a sensitive subject.

You are full of ideas about your ideal job, what do you want to do, how do you want to feel, and you have people around you, friends and relatives, lecturing you that you have to be grateful for the job you have now. It gives you enough money, and you don’t have to feel perfectly because many people are looking for a job like this.

But you don’t like it, makes you feel small, depressed, not accepted, not appreciated, under-challenged, even bored to death.


And on one hand you think that if so many people have this idea about your "ideal" job, maybe they know better, but then you wonder how is it possible that all these people around you don’t understand that it is your life and you want to enjoy it. Not to take what is available and sacrifice your joy and your abilities.


Well your secret, hidden thoughts, the ones that you don’t dare sharing, are correct. The meaning of life is to live and not to avoid living just because they think that you cannot find a better job with this money. Which is not true, of course you can find, with even more money, and can be a job that  make you feel good, you just need to allow the possibility.


Your coach can be your companion in this way of thinking, a way of thinking that is absolutely normal for sensitives. Together we will explore what is your ideal job. Not what is available but what you like to do and where is your joy and your talent.


Afterwards we will find it. And if it doesn’t exist we will create it!


Do you think that this way you don’t go with the flow? You absolutely do. The flow is your passion and not the opportunities, or rather the leftovers, that make you feel worthless.

Let's find the way to your ideal job and career.

Sensitives in Business

business2Sensitives in business can really perform miracles. They are intuitive, full of inspiration and ideas, and visionaries. They love what they do. They have mission and purpose in life or business, they are pioneers.

Actually all people who started something new, either in business, in science or in art were sensitives.

Sensitives are the kind of people who feel responsible for what they do. They don’t need someone to force them to do what is right. Because of this they break the rules of how things have to be done and move further, since they recognize when these rules have no meaning anymore for them.

Sounds ideal? It's not always like this, but the only reason for this is low self-esteem. And the low self-esteem comes from not being accepted in certain periods of life (especially childhood). 

Sensitives are the ones who suffer most under pressure and conditions that don't allow freedom to express themselves or work their own way.

In general sensitive nervous system is affected more easily. So if as children you were not respected and accepted, your self-esteem is low comparing with other people, whom we want to call the "stable" ones. Herein lies a main reason for doing fatal mistakes, for losing interest in business and personal life, for  falling into depression and avoiding all challenges (positive or negative) that turn up.

If you want to understand the value of conscious sensitive business you have to see the difference between an unpleasant, suffering, struggling and torturing boss and an inspired business person, pleasant, openhearted and wealthy. A sensitive can be either, depending on the degree of consciousness and the way of using the gift of sensitivity.

The solution is to ask for help and not to see sensitivity as a problem, because it is not. In reality, it is a gift. Of course the stability of the majority is also a gift, so we don't talk about special people, just different.

Don’t be afraid to make the next step. Sensitives love changes. I want to encourage you  that the path to awareness can be extremely pleasant. Of course getting results will be also rewarding, but as a sensitive you know that the journey is more important than the destination itself.

Let me help you become conscious business person and create your ideal business or make your business function ideally.

Spiritual Growth

meditation2Spirit and sensitivity come from the same source. All the people who are connected with the spirit, all the great teachers and masters now or in the past, are sensitive.


Sensitivity is a great tool for feeling the vibrations and for allowing the gentle power of the spirit to connect with you.


But most important, the intuition and the inner guidance are inspiring big creations, ideas and changes in life. And of course a sensitive person can accept changes much more easily.


Our world and our traditions are not supporting this kind of connections. The need for stability, one of the greatest illusions the world is carrying, is trying to stop free spirituality because they will have to change all the bases of this society.


Even the mainstream spirituality, religion, all these centuries and still now is trying to stop everything that is uncovering and exposing the nature of the human and the world, because they will have to accept a truth, that no dogma is valid, and if they do that they are powerless.


But this is exactly the point, a religion is here to serve us and help us connect with the spirit and not to show its power on us!


As sensitive, you can choose to think spiritually or not. Either is ok according to your life purpose, which is something that you define yourself. If you feel better with the spirit usually you have to conflict with friends and family, since you will do it your way, as usual, and they will judge you, as usual. 


My job here is to help you discover your connection, help you remove the obstacles to your inner guidance and to your great tools, inspiration and intuition.


 One of the most important ways towards this is acceptance, because exactly as you need to feel accepted just the way you are, you have to accept the other opinions and also the skepticism of the others.


And most important for both of us, is to share our ideas, our experiences and connect through spirit. Let’s grow together.


Let's find together the way for your sensitivity to connect with spirit and grow!


The purpose of this website is to support Highly Sensitive People to make their life easier and richer.

It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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