What kind of energy are you synchronized with?

antenna2Be the difference! Be the Transmitter!

Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about the secret or any other positive affirmation methods. There is some everyday action and way of thinking of us though, that these people took as seeds for this secret and this action and way of thinking is our attitude towards life. Of course, you cannot correct it with wishful thinking and magic spells.

Let's see what am I talking about.
Every day we see hear and feel around us a lot of images, words, emotions and ideas and, of course, like every receiver, we tune to the ones that interest us more. Like, for example, a radio receiver has access to many radio stations in different frequencies, but focuses and hears only one every time, the one the user decided to hear.
Same with us, every day we have many sources of information around us, external or internal (internal I mean we feel them directly from the sender and not through his words or expressions) and we pay attention to a few of them. Some we ignore partly, we know they are there but don't really show interest, others like they don't exist.

For example, I check every day many pages about highly sensitive and see what are people posting there. I see people writing about hope, insights, great ideas and powers in everyday life but also about something special that happened, let's say, today while others are sharing a great deal of pain and fear about their sensitivity and their "condition". But more interesting are the replies. Most of the replies are in alignment with the post, sharing the same or similar, often competing sharing bigger problems and fears.
Of course, I see a few people trying to change the mood and trying to offer a real support, but if you check the likes and the replies, not many pay attention to them.

But for me these are the most interesting.

As you see people tend to synchronize with each other, low energy goes with low energy and high with high. This sounds absolutely normal.
But some are breaking this pattern. They scan all the band, from the lowest to the highest and interact with them, without staying isolated in a small range of frequencies.
And these people are definitely highly sensitive, but what is the difference with them?

Well, if you check the history of humanity, you will find out that some people are stepping out of the crowd. They are stepping out also of their own situation and try to think globally, see and share the big picture. Although they often have the pressure of sensitivity and isolation, the pain of being different and not quite understood and the moments of sadness and depression, they are stepping out.
Especially for sensitive people, this is the most important. Yes you have or you think you have problems, yes often you feel a huge pressure, but this is not part of your nature. And you know what your nature is.
When you feel your special moments, the moments of inspiration and intuition, when you have great ideas for big or small things, when you feel that something must be different about you, when you know that you are here for a reason. This is your nature.
As for the pain, well, you also know where it comes from, but I will remind you again.
When as child you had these great moments I mentioned before, and back then they were huge and very often, if not 100% of your time, and nobody understood what you were talking about although it was natural to you and everyone around you, especially older people, was talking about sickness and medication, financial problems or bad relationships, bad people and all the things they did to them, well... at that point you thought that this is what life is about.

And you decided to synchronize, tune in and be aligned with that. You changed your reception and transmission frequency. And of course as sensitive you had to do it better than the others!

But you see, this is not what life is about. This is small life with small results and meaning.

What can you do?

  • Take in your hand the old, rusty and squeaking knob of your receiver, and try to turn it to the right.
  • If it's not moving, after all these years, use some oil.
  • Move slowly to the right and listen to the change of subjects, feel the change of energy.
    Go higher and hear the great powerful energetic transmissions.
  • Enjoy the difference you feel, allow your body, mind, heart to change the vibrations. Feel the pain and the stretching by using areas of your body and brain that were rusty and stuck.
  • Turn the knob right and left and explore every single frequency around you. Listen to them all.
  • Take energy from the ones with high energy and give to the ones who are lower than you.
  • Allow yourself to be on the top! Stop being synchronized.
  • Be the difference! Be the Transmitter!




The purpose of this website is to support Highly Sensitive People to make their life easier and richer.

It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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