Things they don't teach you in school

school1Bill Gates made a list of 11 things they don’t teach in school. I agree with a few of them, not for the reasons he mentioned though. These are with Bill's numbering:

1 Life is not fair…get used to it.
Well, it's not! Waiting for justice in order to become happy you will just see life slipping through your hands.

10 Television is NOT real life.
Not only because in real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to work, as Bill says, but also because television is business and people get paid to play or say certain things. Most of them are lies, you don’t have to believe them.

11 Be nice to nerds. Bill gives as reason that “chances are you’ll end up working for one” but my explanation is that nerds have some way of thinking that is much different than macho or ego driven pupils (or not pupils). All the “smart” people in school or out of it think that nerds are serving the system, but the ones who serve and reproduce the system are the ones who play with the rules, let's say with the rules of the bullies, in order to survive or to be loved and accepted, by other bullies in this case. Many nerds are sensitives (hsp) who still explore life, and they are more open-minded that you can imagine.

And this brings us to the next thing they don’t teach in school and it’s not also in the list of Bill. Love.
Not only the romantic love but love in general. You will hear your teacher telling you with very emotional voice how much he or she loves you, but they will never tell you what is love. Of course, they don’t know themselves because they were never taught.
If they knew what really love is they would have to accept you just the way you are, especially as child, you would discover that you are perfect love yourself, and they are afraid that they would lose control over you. This of course because they think they have control over you, in reality they don’t even have control over themselves.

Next thing is money.
Of course, they teach you how to count it, what change to take if you go to the super market, and also that money doesn’t grow on trees and you have to work hard to get it, which is a lie.
But they never talk about what money is and how it is created. This is something they teach, usually off the record, in economic universities making students feel proud that they know such a naughty secret.
Well, money is not what people think and the teachers don’t know (and don’t suppose to know) themselves.

Another thing is sex. It’s not only the taboo, it’s not the fear of being exposed in front of little children, it is because a balanced sexual life and an opinion about sex, not one that under- or over-values it, is something that can free your mind. The people who created education don’t want this, and the people who teach, or at least most of them, don’t have free mind.

Actually there are lots of things they don’t teach in schools or anywhere else, including family. You have two options now, the one is to believe everything they say and offer, the other is search by yourself and find out what is happening out there.
I recommend the second even if in the beginning will give you a lot of anger. But if you do it out of love and don't stick to the anger, at the end it will liberate you.

Some people say that by taking care of conspiracy theories you make them real. I say that most conspiracy theories are real. You give them value if either you get angry and fight them or ignore them and live as they program you to.
Freedom is to know what is real and what is not, and chose every moment to play real life, angry or victim. Slavery is to think you are free while you are constantly angry and victim.



PS. Here is the huge contribution to this freedom by life coaches. Some people think that they are just like all professionals, trying to sell you something you don’t need. They couldn’t be more wrong. What they don’t know is how open the minds of those people are, how liberating was the time they were taught how to coach by being coached, and how they can contribute to your freedom. I see my clients after a few sessions how surprised they look from the changes they could never imagine in their minds and their lives.


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