The Years you lost


What we need is to forgive, and this is the only way to move forward.

Sometime, either we are sensitives or not, we discover that we had different dreams about our life, completely different from the life we live now, abilities we never used, wisdom we had to suppress, values we forced to reject, a wonderful life we never lived up to now.

We see the lost years in front of our eyes.
After the first shock and the realization what life is about, there is a period of changes. We try to live our real life, fight with the negative elements (beliefs, patterns, programs etc.) and we stay very busy and very excited with all these wonderful things we discover. It’s not easy; the process is long and painful sometimes. Some of us ask for help (I both ask and offer).
The next part is even more difficult. Because the moment we relax from the aftershocks of our realization we get angry; very angry.
We start hating all these people who brought us into this condition, starting from ourselves and going to parents, teachers, friends and everyone who had an influence on our life.
This is the biggest trap. This is the moment when we stop moving towards our dreams and our passion; we freeze and start searching who is guilty and who needs to be punished.
But we only punish ourselves.
By staying into the hate and the guilt we do to us exactly what “they did to us” before. We lose the track to our dream life again.
What we need is to forgive, and this is the only way to move forward.
And actually this is easy. Just sit down, relax and think all the benefits you had from living outside of your dream. The skill you developed, the strengths you gained, the understanding about life and yourself you got.
Just think that everything happened for a reason and move on.
Esther Hicks gave us the perfect analogy. Live your life like having a GPS guiding you. The only information it needs is to find out where you are and you to say where you want to go. GPS will never make you feel guilty because you are there, will never make you feel bad or stupid because you took the wrong direction, will never be angry because you didn’t turn it on yesterday.
Just open your eyes, see where you are, and say with loud voice where you want to go.


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It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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