Sensitivity in History

cave The highly sensitive people were, are and will always be the engines that make the world move forward.

Long time ago, many thousands of years before our time, the humans were struggling for survival. Hunting, collecting fruits or even cultivating, in a hostile environment. The language, or rather the pre-language was trying to escape from the usual 5 different sounds for 5 different expressions, like danger, joy, food, sex and headache.
Having still a difficult life, even though the language was enriched with more words about sex and headache, among other things, the primitive human beings were slowly getting ahead of the animals.
Some of them though, were getting ahead of the rest of the humans too. Some of our primitive ancestors started creating tools from stones and pieces of wood, others were painting on the walls of the caves, some were "composing" music, (you know, rhythmic noises) or exploring and interpreting the sky and the position of the stars.
Do you think they had an easy life? I believe everyone else was looking at them the way we look at some crazy person today. "We are trying to survive here, trying to get food, escaping from wild animals, raising our kids and you are making.... art and science?"

Nevertheless, those tools and art were used as the human were getting more civilized. Actually it's because of these tools and art that civilization started.

Later, when civilization was somehow established some people were telling things in a different way, sometimes even against the gods, the leaders or the traditions. Others were creating machines, philosophical theories, explaining the laws of nature in different ways or making new kinds of paintings music or generally art.

Of course, they had no easy life. Mocking, isolation, jail or even death were the penalties for their innovation.

The funny thing is that the people who were trying to stop the progress and the alternative way of thinking were using the tools that put our primitive ancestors in trouble, like astrology, music or inventions.

davinciGreat science, incredible art, original ideas, philosophy, all these things we are enjoying today were invented with the personal danger, or suffer, of the creators.

But even today if you look around, there are many people who don't live in the box but give new meanings to the world, creating new ideas, working for freedom and happiness or just inventing new technology, interesting art and again with the danger of isolation, prison or, in some cases, death.

These people are the highly sensitive people. Some are genius, some are persistent, some are just listening to their intuition and/or inspiration, the highly sensitive people were, are and will always be the engines that make the world move forward.

Are they special? To my opinion no! Do they have more value? Of course not. But they are the 10-20% of the people, and they make the world a better place. Or rather a more interesting one. And the fact that they are 10-20% is also a blessing, imagine 100% of the people artists, scientists, innovators, explorers of the world and the mind, our planet would explode every 100 years, and we would start every time from the beginning. That's why nobody and everybody is special. If we think about the humanity, each one of us is just in the right position playing the right role.

Of course not all the highly sensitive people are making the world move forward. Some, or rather most of the sensitive people are staying behind, closed in themselves, develop neuroses and trying to avoid the world. Others go to the other side, instead of offering the power of their sensitivity for a better world they destroy and kill. (Adolf was one of them).
But if you observe and analyze those cases you will see a lot of abuse and rejection behind. Destruction is not the natural status of the sensitive people.

This phenomenon can be used it as an indicator of the development of the world's consciousness. The more abused and "twisted" HSP are there, the more the world is not ready for big opening towards consciousness. Maybe we need still 2-3 millennia of development.




The purpose of this website is to support Highly Sensitive People to make their life easier and richer.

It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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