Sensitivity and Evolution

neanderthals 1I have to say that sensitivity had no place in the primitive world.

Why that?
Nature needs strength. Physical strength. All the species in order to remain strong in a very competitive environment were always trying to reproduce the genes of the strongest and the most durable and tough.
This way, the world was full of brutal force, even within the species and in many cases this is the way it remains.

When the big males with the unbreakable horns and the strong muscles are fighting for reproduction, there is not space for sensitivity and creativity.

Don't take me wrong, sensitivity doesn't mean weakness, there is strength there and often seems to be brutal. But a sensitive person has another way of thinking and often this strength is not used for brutality.

If you observe history, the greatest idols of the old times were warriors, heroes, kings and gods or semi-gods.
Women didn't have much value at that time, except as jealous partners and sexual slaves or as mothers of some idol. All the old fashion religions, most of them still exist today, have a very bad idea about women. And in the kingdom of animals, even when the females are strong (lions, tigers etc), they still have to stay behind when the male is present.

So nature needs the strongest genes and requires the males to compete and prove that they are strong.

The problem is that brutal force and preservation of the species are not the best agents for change and evolution. This usually happens through accidental mutations or, sometimes, by the daring ones who deal with change without being afraid of it.
Yes, the people who really changed the world seemed to be weak. In most cases they didn't participate in fights and wars, they were spending time alone thinking or being inspired, they were suggesting things that could make even the most powerful warrior feel uncomfortable, because the most powerful people are afraid of changes.

The future will come with some surprises because sometime everything will change. Both sensitivity and strength will be tools for growth and survival and will stop being the subconscious weapons for power.
The different will be accepted, this already started, and the reason many complain that something is wrong with this world, is because many are outside of this mindset and can see it now, in the past they were just parts of it.
What seems to be weak but in reality is the real power of mankind, will be not only respected but also given space to rule. All the highly sensitive people, even the very extreme cases, women who are now in deep trouble when something brutal happens, children, old people, wise but seemingly very weak.

And when this happens completely, when everyone will be able to accept everything and take the best out of it without judging it or destroying it, then this world will have reached its destination.
As Douglas Adams says:
"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.
There is another theory which states that this has already happened."

I don't think it will be replaced by anything, when this happens we will just find our real nature.




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