Recognizing someone special coming into your life

someonespecialThe people who feel everything powerfully have very strong emotions in case someone special enters their lives and very often physical stimuli.

Sometimes when you meet someone, from the first moment you know that this person is going to play a powerful role in your life.

Unlike other cases where your ego tells you to rush, to try hard to contact or get closer to this person, in this case you feel very relaxed. You are not in a hurry, you are not trying hard or playing games to get closer. You feel confident and you know that getting closer is inevitable.

Now this person may become your lover or your spouse, some special friend or will offer you a valuable challenge, an advice or just an inspiration for your life, sometimes without being aware of it.

The problem is that we often get deceived by fake excitements, usually coming from our wishful thinking (I wish he/she was my lover or partner) or from their wishful thinking, many people are addicted to impressing others.

For a real cases though you don't have many things to do yourself, if you just follow your intuition, all the instructions coming to your mind or your body, your impulse, because this person is just part of it. It's like they and you have a secret plan and everything is coming to place the right moment.

Sometimes though our brain and/or our ego jumps in the middle of the way trying to control things and actually take over. This is not easy because our intuition is very strong in these cases, but many times in our lives we didn't hear our intuition, and then we had some not so good results.

For these cases I have a few tips, coming from my observation and from discussing with other people, friends or clients, about how to recognize the special person coming into your life.

1. When you meet them for the first time you can have powerful signs, maybe a dejavue or a feeling that something important is going to happen or happening.
2. You always have good feelings when they are present or mentioned. If something feels wrong they are not special.
3. As I mentioned before, you just calm down and every sense of rush goes away, no stress for trying to create a relationship, like everything is taken care of and when the time is right things will happen as they should.
4. Often you observe an unusual friendliness from the other side, since they are feeling the same feelings.
5. The most important, this person seems familiar and you are trying to remember where do you know them.

In cases of Highly Sensitive this bond is very strong. The people who feel everything powerfully have very strong emotions in case someone special enters their lives and very often physical stimuli. And for HSPs these meetings are very important because they can find finally someone to communicate their way of thinking that not many people understand.

So when someone enters your life just relax, if they are coming for you, things will happen as they should. There is no way to do something wrong.




The purpose of this website is to support Highly Sensitive People to make their life easier and richer.

It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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