Making dreams for the past

wormholeMaking dreams for the past means you work or play with your regrets.

I know, the title sounds strange, I mean how can someone make dreams, plans and wish things for the past? But sit down and think. Yes! Everyone does it and very often.

Making dreams for the past means you work or play with your regrets. All the things you wanted to do back then, and you didn’t. And not only that, often you create brand-new dreams, things that you want now, as grownup, but for the time you were kid or teenager.

How many of us would like to have a childhood full of success, to be the most popular in school, in the university, to have the girls/boys we didn’t have back then, to have maybe a rock band, more successful than the Rolling Stones, ok maybe the same successful, let’s not exaggerate.

How many of us want to correct the mistakes of the past, the moment we didn’t dare, the moment we made the wrong movement and took the wrong way, the moment we didn’t face the challenge but listened to the parents, friends, teachers or bullies (sometimes I wonder who is who) and made ourselves small and let the bigger, older, more important get the opportunities.

And talking about the bullies, as sensitive people we know the bullies very well, and we wish things were different. And the funniest of all, we try to make it different. Now for the past. We try to say different things, to be smarter, to confront them and make them leave us in peace, or even better, sit on the side and watch us act and get successful.

To really describe the actions, we want to do now, for the past, we must create new tenses in grammar.

Now you are expecting from me to ask you to stop doing it, to live in the now, to plan for the future and just keep the past in your memory.

But I won’t.
Making plans for the past, wishing things were different, is a completely natural function. We all want to correct our memories, we all want to feel good about our history. Often not only our personal but our family’s or our country’s, even for the whole human race.

Do it, as long as it’s fun. Do it as long as it stays fun. Use it to let go of your regrets, your pain or the feelings about your broken dreams. Since you cannot change these things just play with them.

Don’t take the whole thing seriously. Imagine it’s real, imagine that your past was completely different but learn how to return to reality unhurt. Because what you HAVE done is equally important, even if it doesn’t seem so. What you have done, your successes and your lessons, they have a huge advantage from the “what if”. They are real, they happened, and they are part of your life and not just your imagination.

So, dreaming about changing the past can be another tool to make your life better and release some steam.

Have fun with it.

And if you observe funny reactions from your ego, here we are!




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