I’m so angry

I’m so angry

Highly sensitive people are not broken machines! Highly Sensitive People are not handicapped people with damaged personalities. This is absolute nonsense.

Every day in websites and social media pages I read how many problems sensitive people have, and all these dysfunctions and difficulties and I get really upset.

The worst part is that most of these comments are coming from HSPs who prefer to complain about their existence instead of finding their place in the universe.

Yes, you have been misunderstood, you have been bullied, you have been grouped and categorized but by people who have no idea.

I thought you had. I thought you were different.

Generalizing your personal challenges on all HSPs is unacceptable.

Highly Sensitive People are gifted people, who can feel, understand, and think deeper than the others.

The reason they have more challenges is because of their ability to feel deeper and because the way they think others didn’t understand them and, consciously or not, bullied them!

  • Dragging all HSPs down to your own level, which is temporary, is a form of bullying.
  • Making fun of difficulties, you or someone else has is bullying.
  • Generalizing and grouping people as sensitive therefore too sensitive is bullying.
  • Wanting to avoid too much light, too mush noise, too many people is a need not a dysfunction, even non sensitive people have it quite often.
  • If you have problems, it’s your personal challenge. Find ways to solve them and feel better with yourself.
  • If you need help, ask for help. If you fell in a deep hole and cannot climb out, ask for a ladder or a rope, don’t ask everyone to jump in to keep you company!
  • And most important, don’t make fun of HSPs who have no problems.

Get out and live instead of whining and complaining.

Take care of yourself instead of pushing everyone down!

See the people who feel good with their sensitivity and go up to their level, find your real nature, your real superpower.

Make an effort!

Thank you




The purpose of this website is to support Highly Sensitive People to make their life easier and richer.

It's not offering any kind of therapy or healing, no medical advice and especially no mind programming of any kind.

The coaching is for people healthy in the mind who just want to make their lives better.

If there is any medical or psychological condition please ask advice from a specialist!

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